Are you trying to reduce your company's environmental footprint?

Are you a Sustainability Manager or responsible for sustainability goals in your organization?

Convergen Energy can help industries, municipalities, universities, and other energy intensive institutions reduce their environmental footprint by providing the following:

  • Landfill alternatives for non-recyclable industrial by-products
  • CO2 emission reductions
  • Alternative fuels to supplement or displace coal
  • Opportunities to develop biomass energy crops
  • Environmental permitting and compliance expertise
  • Cost savings compared to current landfill rates and/or coal pricing

As a sustainability manager you will know how crucial it is to have a wide range of solutions and strategies for reducing your company’s carbon footprint. There are a number of ways in which Convergen can help you to achieve these goals and move towards a more sustainable future.

The majority of companies send a lot of waste to landfill. Others produce a quantity of manufacturing by-products which may seem useless. It is very possible these materials are suitable feedstocks for our fuel pellet manufacturing plant. Speak to us about how we can help you to make more responsible and more economical use of your company’s packaging waste and unwanted materials. Read more here.

If you have your own power generation facility on site, we can provide low cost, sustainable alternatives to coal. We produce both industrially-derived fuel pellets with similar burn properties and biofuels, all making for cleaner, more sustainable energy consumption. Read more here.

Convergen is committed to investing in modern power plants which have far less reliance on fossil fuels. We are very keen to pursue new and innovative renewable energy investment opportunities throughout the United States. We are particularly keen to hear from anyone responsible for negotiating power contracts. Please get in touch if you would like to explore our joint potential for a more sustainable tomorrow through solid investment in renewable energy today. Read more here.

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Are you in charge of sustainability?

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