Producing renewable fuels and power for sustainable business

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Looking to reduce your carbon footprint ?

Convergen Energy can help you achieve your sustainability goals. We convert a diverse range of biomass and industrial by-products into sustainable fuels which are then used to generate renewable energy.

Our Fuels
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Do you need renewable, clean power?

Convergen Energy has multiple options available for supplying renewable power to our customers. We can either power an existing boiler with our engineered fuel, or we can own and operate a boiler to supply alternative energy to our customers.

Clean Power
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Is your business looking to become landfill-free?

Convergen Energy works with companies to divert their industrial by-products away from the landfill to be utilized in our engineered fuel production process. Non-recyclable papers, plastics, nonwovens, and pressure sensitive label materials are examples of the types of materials that can be eliminated from the landfill.


Typical Fuel Cost Comparison

  • Convergen Energy Fuel
  • Natural Gas
  • Wet Biomass
  • Sub-Bituminous Coal
  • Bituminous Coal

Looking to make your business more sustainable?

  • Landfill avoidance
  • Boiler MACT/Regulatory Compliance
  • Renewable Power
  • Air Emissions Reductions
  • Cost Competitive with Fossil Fuels