Convergen Energy Fuel Supplier for Solid Fuel Power Generating Facilities

Convergen Energy uses clean manufacturing by-products to make a densified, renewable fuel pellet for use in solid fuel power generating facilities. Convergen has partnered with many power generators to reduce or remove coal as a fuel source.

Convergen Energy is working to partner with other solid fuel power and/or steam generating facilities that utilize:

  • wood biomass
  • agricultural biomass
  • alternative fuels such as TDF, Pellets, CD Materials, and the like
  • blends of fuels incorporating the above types
  • coal plants needing to switch fuels for cost and/or environmental compliance.

We also invest in alternative and advanced energy projects, such as such as gasification, distributed generation, and other similar advanced technology to provide long-term reliable base load energy supply from the CE engineered solid fuel pellets, as well as from other renewable resources such as landfill gas and biogas.

The global debate on carbon footprint reduction, coupled with the rising cost of traditional energy sources and methods, means the need for cleaner power has never been greater. A growing number of customers are recognizing the advantages that Convergen Energy solutions can deliver. These include major single-site organizations with energy generation needs, such as municipalities, universities, hotels, hospitals, manufacturers, and industrials with large quantities of non-recyclable residuals.


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