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We are an established clean power operator with solutions for the future

The global debate on carbon footprint reduction coupled with the rising cost of traditional fuel sources means the need for cleaner power has never been greater. A growing number of customers are recognizing the advantages that Convergen Energy's solutions can deliver. These include major organizations with on-site energy generation systems such as universities, hospitals and manufacturers who use solid fuel to heat, cool and power their facilities. Convergen’s fuels allow them to reduce the costs of energy generation while complying with existing and future, more stringent environmental emission regulations.

Our manufacturing facility in Green Bay, WI, has the capacity to produce 150,000 tons per year of clean burning engineered fuel. We use non-recyclable manufacturing by-products that would otherwise be destined for landfills to create fuel pellets that handle and burn with the performance qualities of coal but with significantly lower emissions.

We have broadened out from our initial offering in fuels to include zero-landfill consultancy and solutions and renewable power generation services.

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