Regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance, emissions reductions

Our fuel is engineered to enable users to economically meet environmental regulations in existing solid fuel boilers.  The Convergen fuel pellets produced are low in NOx, SOx, CO, CO2, and Mercury and adapt well to conventional particulate control such as bag house or electrostatic precipitator applications.

Convergen uses clean manufacturing by-products to make a densified, renewable fuel pellet that closely replicates the energy, storage, and handling characteristics of coal with fewer harmful emissions.  The pellets have been designated by the US EPA as a non-waste alternative fuel under the EPA’s Non-Hazardous, Secondary Material (NHSM), Alternative Fuels Program (40 CFR 241).  The non-waste designation by the EPA allows our fuel to be permitted as a traditional fossil fuel replacement in most power plants. CE pellets are classified as a renewable fuel in the states of Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan.

Our experienced management and technical team can help you with environmental permitting, boiler MACT compliance, and other regulatory matters related to using our fuel product.

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