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Most municipal and industrial power plants have three primary fuel sources that are used to produce steam and electricity: natural gas, coal, and woody biomass. All three fuels have advantages and disadvantages that are unique to each power plant. While natural gas and woody biomass often provide environmental benefits, particularly when compared to coal, the capital cost of conversion can be high and the supply chain for fuel often proves limited or expensive. On the other hand, while coal is plentiful, the delivered cost can be high, and the capital required to meet environmental compliance can be challenging.

Convergen Energy offers a cost-effective fuel pellet option that can either be used as a substitute for one of these traditional fuels, or in combination with these fuels, to meet power plant economic and environmental objectives. The pellets typically reduce air emissions and overall fuel cost when blended with traditional fuels or used alone. Costs associated with adopting our fuel technology are minimal as most coal-burning boilers can burn Convergen fuel pellets, without significant capital expense or major facility modification.

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