Insight May 14 2020

NianticVista Energy Purchases Convergen Energy WI

May 14, 2020 Green Bay, WI: NianticVista Energy, a privately owned company focused on energy sector investments, purchased Convergen Energy WI from the Libra Group in January of 2020. 

Convergen Energy WI was founded in 2009 and is based in Green Bay, WI. The company produces renewable fuels for power generation facilities while also helping manufacturers avoid sending by-products to landfill. Convergen has helped divert nearly 450,000 tons of by-products from the landfill and has helped universities, utilities, and manufacturers reduce their fossil fuel usage and meet their sustainability goals. Additionally, the company provides management services to power generation facilities. 

Regarding the new ownership, CEO of Convergen Energy WI Ted Hansen said, “We are pleased to join NianticVista Energy and look forward to growing the business and adding manufacturing jobs in Green Bay.”

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NianticVista Energy Purchases Convergen Energy WI

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