Insight May 19 2016

Convergen Guidance on MACT compliance

These fuel pellets are classified as a "non-waste fuel".

United States Environmental Protection Agency U.S. EPA

Green Bay, WI, May 19, 2016: Convergen Energy (CE) Fuels produces engineered renewable fuel pellets under the U.S. EPA Alternative Fuels Program.  These fuel pellets are classified as a “non-waste fuel” by U.S. EPA.  They are produced using non-hazardous, non-waste materials that are obtained from industrial manufacturers and are comprised primarily of fiber/paper material (60 to 70%) and clean plastics (30 to 40%).

CE has been producing this fuel pellet product for over 5 years and has significant experience in a number of different solid fuel boiler applications including: stoker, circulating fluidized bed, cyclone, and pulverized coal boilers.  In addition, CE has significant experience with fuel testing, quality control, air permitting, and equipment modifications to meet the Industrial Boiler MACT requirements as well as to efficiently and effectively utilize the fuel to obtain the best performance and economics.

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