Insight Jun 13 2018

The Biomass Debate – a balanced perspective is needed

Convergen Energy (CE) is committed to providing renewable fuels and power for sustainable businesses and for a sustainable economy. Energy and environmental issues are often complex with overlapping priorities and challenges. For example, even zero-carbon emission energy sources such as nuclear power and wind power have pros and cons that generate much debate in communities seeking to utilize these energy sources.

Biomass is another example of an energy source that has been debated. Is biomass a sustainable alternative energy source or not? The Senior Editor of Pellet Mill Magazine recently published an article on this topic that attempts to provide a balanced assessment of biomass as an energy source and the role it plays in the full forest cycle.

Moving towards cleaner, renewable energy is a journey. It takes time and a variety of solutions. One size will not fit all. Convergen Energy is committed to moving our customers towards more sustainable and renewable energy and waste solutions. Our goal is to take a balanced approach that helps move communities to more sustainable solutions while providing better alternatives for traditional fuels and waste disposal.

Click here to read the full article by Ron Kotrba at the Biomass Magazine website.

Balancing perspective on the Biomass Debate

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