Combined Heat & Power

Combined Heat & Power

Our portfolio of clean power facilities includes cogeneration technology providing cleaner electricity and heat for two major hotels in the heart of New York. 


Millennium Hilton (CHP): New York, New York

Convergen Energy Millennium Hilton is a 500 kW combined heat and power (CHP) project at the Millennium Hilton Hotel in Downtown Manhattan.

The project includes two 250 kW cogeneration units and has been operating since February 2014, with a reliability factor of over 96%. The project reduces energy costs, increases energy reliability, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions for the hotel by over 40% vs. conventional generation.


Millennium Broadway (CHP): New York, New York

Convergen Energy Millennium Broadway is a 750 kW CHP project in New York City.

The project includes three 250 kW cogeneration units, two new 650 t electric chillers, and a new boiler plant, all located at the Millennium Broadway Hotel in Times Square. The project started commercial operation in the first quarter of 2016, providing cleaner electricity and thermal energy for the hotel.


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